2017 CD Art Show


Call for Entries

In this age of audio and video streaming, CDs and DVDs are of little use. But why throw out the discs when you can convert them into beautiful mini-artworks? The 2017 CD Art Show will display numerous CDs and DVDs that feature original paintings, drawings, and mini-sculptures.

Here are a few guidelines for creating your own CD/DVD art:

– The final art must maintain the original CD/DVD disc size (typically 4.7 inches or 120 mm).
– You can glue canvas, paper, or similar materials to the discs so long as the width and height is not affected.
– If you attach sculpture, the sculpture depth must be less than 1 inch. All selected discs will be hung on a wall.
– Sorry, we’re not accepting printed copies of paintings, drawings, or photographs.
– You can create collages by gluing items to the discs.
– You can cover the disc’s central hole.

 Example CDs. Watercolor paper was affixed to the CDs with spray glue, trimmed down, and painted with acrylic.

As for subject, anything goes so long as it doesn’t include graphic sex or violence.

Here are the submission guidelines:

– Each artist can submit up to 4 CD/DVDs for a submission fee of $12.
– The gallery will set the final selling price for each disc (between $25 to $150).
– The gallery will keep a 25% commission for any disc sales.
– The artist is responsible for any and all shipping costs to and from the show.

Important dates follow:

November 1, 2017: Submission deadline.
November 7, 2017: Selections announced via website and e-mail.
November 24, 2017: Shipping deadline for selected discs.
December 1, 2017: Show opening reception.
January 31, 2017: Show ends. Unsold discs shipped back within 1 week.

To submit, follow these steps:

1) Submit a $12 payment to PayPal through the following button:

2) E-mail a digital photo of each submitted disc to diabolicaart@gmail.com.
a) Please keep the file size of each photo below 1 MB. Use the JPEG format.
b) Include your name, address, phone, website, and social media info.
c) Include the title of each disc and your preferred selling price (between $25 and $150).