2017 Spring Exhibition

April 2-30, 2017

Click here to see photos of the show opening and reception

Julie Hamel, Loudon, New Hampshire, USA
Untitled, Photographic Print, 14×11″

Suchitra Sharma, Oakland, California, USA
“Acting God,” Linocut Print on Printmaking Paper, 28×40″

Right: “Chiboki Girls,” Linocut Print on Printmaking Paper, 28×40″

Valeria Poropat, Rome, Italy
“Somiglianza”, Canvas Giclée, 20×28″

Joshua Newth, Cape Girardeau, Montana, USA
“Vanitas,” Oil on Paper, 11×14″

“Selasphorus Calliope (Arrested),” Mixed Media, 7×5″

Dotty Fenner, Henderson, Nevada, USA
“Light at the End of the Tunnel,” Watercolor and Ink on Paper, 24×20″

Abigail Morris, Orem, Utah, USA
“Monochrome Sea,” Acrylic on Canvas, 24×36″

“Diamond Sakura,” Acrylic and Spray Paint on Canvas, 30×30″

Thomas Shea, Henderson, Nevada, USA
“Old Mining of the Day,” Photographic Print, 16×16″

Tory Erpenbeck, Covington, Kentucky, USA
“Cthulu,” Marker on Bristol Board, 8.5×11″

“Bonfire,” Marker on Bristol Board, 14×11″

Audrey Fox, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
“Burlesque Babe –  Flounce Dancer” Charcoal  on Paper, 18×30″

“Burlesque Babe with Red Boa,” Pencil and Paint on Paper, 6×8″

Sari Fishman, Ganei-Tikva, Israel
“Self Portrait 3,” Photographic Print on Canvas, 20×16″

Neil Kesterson, Henderson, Nevada, USA
“Summers in Kernsville,” Acrylic on Canvas, 20×16″

“Beach Toys on a Rainy Day,” Acrylic on Canvas, 14×11″

Sarah Sipling, Maryville, Montana, USA
“Shadow 4,” Photographic Print, 16×8″